Innovation Fellows Program

Make your mark — differentiate

Define yourself as an innovation champion — complete relays that build the mindset, skills, and experiences that make you a changemaker, employee, business contributor.

Get set — accelerate

Fast-track your professional development and capacity to change your world — enroll in intensive subject matter sessions: Innovation Short Circuits and Circuit Training.

Go, Go, Go

Make the change in the world you are passionate about and start discovering, designing and launching your future NOW.

Why should YOU participate in the Student Innovation Fellows Program?

Go where you want to go. Be how you want to be. Just do it faster, smarter and stronger.


Create their own lanes. Fast track their training. Stay ahead of the pack. Hijack opportunity.

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How to Earn Your Student Innovation Fellows Award
The ONLY pre-requisite is YOU

Relay 1: Flagships, Short Circuits, Circuits and Coaching

RELAY 1: Mindset

Choose 6 Sessions

Relay 2: Dashes, College Programs, Sprints

RELAY 2: Experiences
Get Set

Participate in a College Program or Innovation Competition

Relay 3: Victories

RELAY 3: Meaningful Contribution
Go, Go, Go

Make it Count